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Environment & Society

Our Philosophy Patapum Solutions as a manufacturer and global distributor has an opportunity to impact the environment and our society through our products and business practises. As such, we are increasingly focused on developing and implementing responsible enviromental, economic and social initiatives into our business practices.

Our main areas of focus are:

Product Safety We know that product safety and quality go hand-in-hand in achieving customer satisfaction and building a long lasting presence in the market place. Safety in the babywearing industry is of paramount importance not only to us and our distributors but also to consumers around the world.
Ellaroo products comply with the U.S. CPSIA General Conformity Certificate (GCC)

Design and innovate sustainable product Our products represent the creativity, passion and vision of the manufactures and designers. They are an opportunity to showcase the dedication to innovation that respects the natural and social environments. We believe that sustainability does not have to come at the expense of price, performance or quality. Product innovation involves using technologies and fabrics that continue to provide the comfort and convenience our customers expect, but eliminate the use of harsh chemicals and excess materials.

Reduce waste in our operations We are committed to eliminating waste and inefficiencies in our operations, products and day-to-day business activities.
All paper and corrugated cardboard are re-used and recycled. Wherever possible paper is used on both sides before being recycled. Shipping boxes are re-used or recycled. As a result, although we ship ‘000 of boxes on a yearly basis, we have never purchase corrugated cardboard. Plastic, metal and glass are all collected and recycled.

Offering a Distribution centre in Europe for the EllaRoo products as well as our Drop-ship service directly to the end user, eliminates the excess travel of goods around Europe. Resulting in important energy savings to transport goods to their final destinations, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, substantially.

Community Engagement We care for and give back to the communities where we work and live.Our sense of community goes beyond our employees and customers, and extends to the communities who have helped enable our success. We strongly believe that the stronger our social network is, the stronger our business will be. We aspire to enrich our communities and the environment in every place we do business.

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