Ellaroo Baby Carriers & Slings Wearing - Baby Carrier Wearing Instructions

Cradle /Hip (Wrap)

Cradle (from bith)
Hip (from Sitting up to Toddler)

Wrapping Instructions Step #1 for Cradle /Hip (Wrap)

1. Place the middle of the Wrap on one shoulder, and tie a double knot at the opposite hip.

Wrapping Instructions Step #2 for Cradle /Hip (Wrap)

2. Move the knot to the middle of your back to create a pocket for baby at the front of your body.

Wrapping Instructions Step #3 for Cradle /Hip (Wrap)

3. Taking baby in one arm,slip baby into the pocket. Be sure there is a fabric pulled up between baby and your body.

Wrapping Instructions Step #4 for Cradle /Hip (Wrap)

4. Once baby is lying confortably in the pocket you can pull the fabric rail tighter by flipping the fabric at the shoulder. Once baby is sitting they can sit on your hip, legs out, instead of recline.

Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions

When wearing a toddler on your back, the most secure position for the fabric is pulled up to the armpits (arms out) or neck (arms in), depending upon the mood of your baby. Especially when using the rucksack position, be alert for arching of the back, wich can shift the bottom edge of the fabric into a less secure position.

Always be aware of your baby's position in the wrap.

Do not use the wrap with an uncooperative child.