Ellaroo Mei Tai Ellaroo Baby Carrier and slings by Ellaroo

Ellaroo Mei Tai

Versatile,all-around baby carrier can be worn on front and back. 100% Made in Italy, Lightly padded straps easily distribute baby’s weight. Because the straps are tied however you like, the Mei Tai can be shared between parents of very different sizes. Carry baby from

birth through the toddler years.
Wearing tips Success with any baby carrier takes a little practice. You can ease the process by making sure that baby is fed, rested, and happy before you try the Mei Tai the first few times. It won’t be long before you will both

turn to the Mei Tai for comfort.
The first few times you tie baby on your back, make sure that you are either over a soft surface or with another adult. You will quickly learn to do it yourself.
Care instructions Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang in a well-ventilated area to dry.