EllaRoo Product page

Why Ellaroo Baby Carriers?

Ellaroo offers a large range of high quality baby carriers:

Ellaroo Wrap 100%  handwoven, lightweight cotton fabric. The result is a light, cool baby carrier, easy to manipulate, being lighter and less weighty.
Ellaroo Baby Carriers

Ellaroo Ring Sling Elegant design, with a touch of padding in the shoulder and rails. Lightweight brushed aluminum rings and an open tail combine for maximum adjustability and versatility.

Ellaroo Mei Tai is a versatile, sturdy, all-around baby carrier that can be worn on front, back, and side.

Ellaroo Mei Hip is the most innovative baby carrier to hit the market in years. This is the only hip carrier available with a shoulder strap that cups the shoulder, rather than riding up toward the wearer’s neck. Add the supportive waist strap, and you have a very practical, comfortable baby carrier.

  • Ellaroo Ring Sling Italy
  • Ellaroo Mei Tai
  • Ellaroo Mei Hip
  • Ellaroo Wrap

Ellaroo strives to use sustainable materials and always uses non-toxic dyes. Ellaroo baby carriers can be used for children up to 35 lbs or more, and will last for many years of use.

Ellaroo production partners in Italy are committed to sustainable business practices, and choose to work with companies that care about people and the environment.

Ellaroo Guatemalan weavers’ cooperatives provide good jobs and a supportive community in small villages, helping to keep families together.